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My photo for Another Chance was taken on a very cold day in sleet and snow; because life is about changes and opportunities. We don’t always get a perfect picture.

Each morning when I awaken, God has given me another chance to correct my errors.  His grace and Love have sustained me, and his mercy has blessed me. I thank God for another chance to be a better person.  I know there is a better future for me, with a greater purpose. I have an opportunity to make a perfect picture.


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Published on Nov 24, 2013

God Answers Prayer is an inspiration of hope and peace to bring strength in times of needs for those who need help to face challenges that stress bring about in everyday life situations, and the issues many people face from day to day.
Copyright ©2005 by Ellen J. Barrier


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My Father’s Praise

 This is an inspirational piece of music I composed in honor of my father.



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On the day I sat at my keyboard and started to play music, the lyrics for "I want to Feel Your Power Today" came from within my Spiritual being to God. It was during this song that I was able to free my mind and feel  peace and strength,  I emptied all my emotions  that day while singing this song that I had no written words prior to.

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__ Ellen J. Barrier


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This is a nice song about our Lord,
Major Seven Heaven Music (MOC) 
5.9.2012 @ 4:52pm
And I like raw demos. God knows I have many of them in my site. Good inspirational music and singing, and I commend your good and heartfelt messages. VME!  Man of Clay Thank you for sharing this song and your wonderful blog about happiness!
I always try to 
A Murder Of Crows 
4.6.2012 @ 3:31pm
project what any music i hear here would sound like in a million dollar studio, keeping in mind that i love music when it is raw, and unpolished. Having said that ,this a nice piece of music to listen to. . The production needs work,i think you know that. But the sentiment ,and the base is great. Carry on..VERY MUCH ENJOYED.
Perfect the way it is.
Blue Collar 
10.2.2010 @ 5:26pm
This comes from the heart. Its undedited and even with only a flew tiny flaws, you kept your head up. Gave it your all. The tags you used should be genres here on AP. Why they don't have any religious genres is beyond me. God bless and take care. Timmer

An SOS Call to God by Ellen J. Barrier

There will always be a need for prayer made to God in times of desperate situations. This is a prayer for help when there is no other source to resolve problems that are overwhelming.


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