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Dancing and using exercise techniques to relax and tone muscles along with good nutrition, will aid in good health.


Exercise instructions with Audio and Music by Ellen Jean Barrier

Little Chicky!

Shake your tail feather   (Move your hips left- to- right, and shake your body)

Little Chicky!  (STOP)

Spread your wings little chicky (Spread your arms out. Move your hips left- to- right and shake your body)

Fold your wings little chicky (Place a hand on top of the other and bring the tips of the thumbs together, and shake your body)

Come up little chicky (Take several steps forward, and shake your body)

Step back little chicky (Take several steps backward, and shake your body)

Go  left little chicky (Take several steps to your left, and shake your body)

Go  right little chicky (Take several steps to your right, and shake your body)


The Little Chicky video is designed and performed by Ellen Jean Barrier as a workout exercise aide to increase energy and strengthen the heart, and increase circulation in the upper and lower body extremities. It also, has illustrations and instructions techniques for relaxing exercises.

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The  best gifts anyone can give to themselves are good health habits and activities to stay healthy. 

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Exercise instructions with Audio and Music

Exercise instructions with Audio and Music

Exercise instructions with Audio and Music

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